Do you suffer from vaginal
odor and/or discharge?

Feel fresh and clean
with all natural

Valecia tells "The Doctors" TV why she
swears by Waterworks

Love this system. I’d suggest not filling the bag all the way up because of it being kind of weak. The wand is nice. I no longer buy other douche after buying this, and feel very clean still.

Janice – January, 2019

Item works as expected.

LaTanya – January, 2019


S. C. – January, 2019

Just what I needed to replace my waterworks bag that had torn at the top.

Ms. Strickland – January, 2019

Been using for years. Satisfied with product

Alicia OLeary – January, 2019

Thank you for providing as ordered.

Nancy M. – January, 2019

Let me start by saying, I am a review READER but not a review WRITER! It all started years ago, after SEVERAL doctors visits and several medications later......I read about this product in maybe 2015 and found one at Target for 20 bucks.....I knew it was a looooonng shout, but gave it a try........IT IS AMAZING!!!!!! so amazing that I wanted to purchase some for friends that I know are dealing with some of the same issues and looking for the answer. To no avail, I saw that the price has gone up by 4x the amount!!! I KNOW WHY.....BECAUSE THE PRODUCT IS AMAZING. IT CONFIRMS MY FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS! YES, this product is extremely expensive, especially, when you see the "cheesy" device BUT listen, the device works. No more doctors visits etc!!! I will definitely purchase this product for the listed price!!!! NO questions asked.

Customer – December, 2018
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